The bsdhwmon project is currently being maintained.

Some history...

In July 2009, I was encountering numerous complexites and personality conflicts I was experiencing with other members of the FreeBSD project. Additionally, due to some mistakes made while migrating between FreeBSD versions + testing ZFS, I lost one of my filesystems that contained all documentation pertaining to Supermicro motherboards and related Winbond chipsets (many of which were boards I was working on adding). This depressed + devastated me, and as such I opted to close the project.

But as time progressed, I found myself coming back to bsdhwmon and wished to continue its improvement.

I migrated the project to CVS (on local disks, with backups that ran every night) to make things easier for ChangeLog generation and review of previous commits that may have broken something, as well as improvements within the software itself. I also started designing an easy-to-maintain database of systems and their specifications + technical details that would be available for folks to view/use here on the site. Boards listed would likely be supported by bsdhwmon, but there are some which cannot be supported for a multitude of reasons. I'd feel much better about the project if I could document each board I add, and any "quirks" I encounter in the process.

I realise there are many features/capabilities that folks want from bsdhwmon (the biggest being a configuration file). While these are definitely things that need to get added, at this time such is not high on my priority list. But, I eventually need to review some of the source and put out a new release.


Official release tarballs are available at GitHub:

If you want to try a bleeding-edge build, you can download and compile for yourself (not difficult!) a tarball of master from GitHub:

Older releases (20150429 and prior) are available here:

Source repository

The repository for bsdhwmon is here:

Reporting bugs / feature requests

Please file your report or feature request using the GitHub Issues system.

Submitting patches

Please submit a pull request (example) and I'll be sure to review it and work with you to rectify any style or syntax quirks.